Vaisakhi is also referred to Baisakhi, Vaishakhi, or Vasakhi. This festival celebrated to all the north Indian subcontinent. Vaisakhi taken from Vaishakh. This festival specially celebrated in Punjab Region by Sikh community. Also, This festival celebrated around the world by Sikh diaspora. It is also celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists for different reasons.

Punjab and Haryana farmers celebrate New Year after winter harvesting. That is the biggest festival of Baisakhi in Punjab and the surrounding territories. The same day, tenth Guru Govind Singh was founded the Khalsa Panth on 13 April 1699. Sikhs celebrate this festival as a collective birthday.

Vaisakhi in Hinduism

At this day, New Year also starts for Hindus. This is celebrated with worshiping and partying. Goddess Ganga descended to earth and in her honour, many Hindus gather along the sacred Ganges River for ritual baths. It is believed that thousands of years ago, Goddess Ganga descended on earth was the same day. Traditional Hindu religionists are collected along the Ganges for a holy dip in her honour.

Kerala festival 'Vishu'

At the same day Kerala celebrated Kerla Festival that called "Vishu". This day they purchase new clothes, fireworks, and also decorate "Vishu Kani" with flowers, fruit, cereals, textiles, gold etc. They get up early in the morning and for the Philosophy. With this philosophy they wish for well & prosperity into the New Year.

Other festivals at this day
  1. Bikhu/Bikhauti In The Kumaon, Uttarakhand
  2. Bisu - The New Year Day Among Tuluvas
  3. Jurshital (New Year) Is Celebrated In Mithila
  4. Maha Vishuva Sankranti In Odisha
  5. Naba Barsha /Pohela Boishakh In Bengal & Tripura
  6. Navreh - The New Year Day In Kashmir
  7. Pongal In Tamil Nadu
  8. Rongali Bihu In Assam
  9. Sinhalese New Year Festival In Sri Lanka